This Version of Pokémon Theme Song is Nuts

The Pokémon Go crazy looks like its not going anywhere soon and even if you’re totally gripped with playing it, but we’ll bet that you have no clue about the original Pokémon theme song, unless of course you grew up watching the series. The original theme song for the Pokémon cartoon was sung some 18 years ago by one Jason Paige, but this epic rendition is one that’s absolutely up there.

Done by Pawel Zadrozniak a.k.a Silent, the rendition was made using 8 hard drives, 64 floppy disks and 2 scanners. While the original singer of the theme song isn’t getting any payment for his record because the deal was a one-time payment, Zadrozniak seems to be riding high on the resurgence popularity of Pokémon.

So next time before you go hunting for your Pokémon Go, listen to both the original and this new version. Maybe they’ll give you an edge trying to catch those elusive Pokémon.