There’s always someone for everyone and these two seem to be a match made in Super Mario Heaven.

There are obviously many ways of expressing love. After one gamer got his Rubik way of showing love rejected by his love interest, we can say that Shane Birkinbine has restored some faith back to gamers and that their unique ways of showing love can at times work.

Case in point: Shane, a self-proclaimed “geek” and avid gamer proposed to his girlfriend, Pam Edwards, in the sweetest possible way by using a Super Mario Maker.  It was in fact Pam who had bought her boyfriend the Super Mario Maker several months ago. Little did she know that this classic game would be used to spell out the marriage proposal.

So on this fateful day, Pam was at home playing her normal Super Mario Brother video game. She actually didn’t know the game level she was at. However, the soon-to-be-groom had other ideas. He had created his own level on the game, and unknowing to Pam, she suddenly came to a series of giant letters: ‘Pam will you marry me?’

Luckily for Shane, he was hit by a resounding ‘yes’ before celebrations ensued. It was simply amazing and super cute.