For any science nerd, this is the ultimate game just came to life.

Remember the idea of turning world’s foremost scientists into fighting heroes? Well, it’s now a reality as the 8-bit styled fighting video game is now functional and playable.

Created by Brazilian Diego Sanchez, the game is hosted on Brazil’s Superinteressante Magazine site. It offers a range of “scientist” fighters with every fighter having his/her combat moves and skills customized in relevance to their scientific inventions.


While the game is working and playable, it can present a bit of a challenge when played using a keyboard. That, however, doesn’t hinder you from playing the captivating game that displays these great scientists in action. You’ll perhaps need to combine each fighter’s scientific invention with your gaming combat skills to come out on top.



This game may not rank as the world’s greatest 2D fighting game, but it is set on one of the best backgrounds in video games. In short, the game is so cool that you can’t just afford not to play it.