Sculptor blends his skill with his passion for video game.

Many people will argue that very few things can frighten them in video games, however, the sight of a Deathclaw from Fallout 4 will most definitely send shivers down the spines of even the bravest people as it’s is one of the most vicious monsters ever made for a video game.

In the game, Deathclaws are depicted as having a colossal nine feet of muscle, ligament, teeth and claws with the main objective of seriously terrorizing the player. These frighteningly designed creatures have a well-stated background story of having begun as humble chameleons before morphing into things that make bad dreams.  But thanks to sculptor Chris Vierra (a.k.a Sculpture Geek), he let’s us watch the intimate creation of a clay model Deathclaw, which is by far, the most coolest way of examining how these horrifying monsters are created.

While the game portrays Deathclaws as an outcome of centuries of genetic mutation, Vierra brings this scary ogre to life by mainly using an oil-based clay, wire and tinfoil. At first, the beast looks unrealistic, but Vierra quickly sharpens its feature into a “sculptor of death” that every Fallout player would not want to face, unless they’re ready to get their faces chewed off.

It’s an incredibly detailed way that would make you wonder just how video game 3D artists can become so creative in coming up with such meticulous creatures out of the blue. You’ll want to watch it more than once, it’s simply stunning.