Super fan creates an unbelievable Fallout 4 Battle.

In its normal sense, Fallout’s 4 Commonwealth is a wonderfully violent and chaotic place. Now imagine what it would look like when 30,000 Automatron robots from DLC (that was released roughly two months ago) were to attack the Commonwealth Wasteland. Just as it sounds; it’s utterly mesmerizing, despite bringing a massive amount of destruction.

Created by YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian, this battle pits 30,000 customized robots against human population of the Commonwealth’s Wasteland. The representatives of mankind are armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art weapons, but the war isn’t easy as they expected. They’re undone by the robots’ sheer determination, tricks and colossal number. In short, the Mechanist’s army of robots is unstoppable as they’re fitted with fireballs, massive armor and lasers to give the human population at Commonwealth a stern test.

To produce this captivating video, Cosmic Contrarian applied his extensive video editing skills along using automatron DLC materials. It surely appears that he had to put a lot of cool efforts to make it this grand. Needless to say, the battle is more than awesome and definitely worth watching.