Here’s our list of the Mods that have had the biggest impact on today top rated games.

Any regular gamer surely knows the importance of PC modding. The mods increase the functionality, make the running smoother, and make everything in the game look much prettier. We have heard of mods completely eclipsing the original games and increasing their standards so much that they have been credited with the success of the games – Minecraft is one such game that comes to mind.

The main appeal of a mod is its ability to completely transform a game into something very different. Most famous mods have gone ahead and made normal games into something that escaped our nightmares! If you fancy the Fallout New Vegas game as a horror game, log on via your PC and simply download a mod! A mod basically works by creating new skins for enemies, lightening effects, or a total revamp of base mechanics! So if you have been on the lookout for something creepy and frightening, here are 5 mods we would like to suggest to keep your blood pumping:

1. Minecraft: P.T. Silent Hills Horror Map

It is intimidating in its accuracy and the mod is successful in almost perfectly recreating P.T., it includes original dialogues in simple text box form. So what you need to do is turn the game music off; increase the sound effects and set the brightness level to a minimum and enjoy the increased creepiness! Of course, it cannot hold a light to the original, but it is definitely a fun alternative that for sure has taken time and insane levels of effort to create.


2. Skyrim: Creepy Zombies

If you feel Skyrim’s Draugrs are not scary enough for you, then you need the Creepy Zombies mod. Basically, the mod goes ahead to replace the common-est Draugr enemies with an overabundance of freaky alternatives, including but not limited to the Dread Zombies which spawn randomly in some dungeons.

This mod also has the addition of several unique animations such as the gift that allows the new zombies to vomit on the players, new sound effects, as well as new spooky locations.


3. Fallout: New Vegas – Obscurum: Pandemic

This is a mod that aims to change almost all things about Fallout’s New Vegas edition, the Obscurum – Pandemic. Basically, the mod is able to make a perfectly normal game into an endurance horror story; players start as low level scavengers fighting it out for supplies, while slowly progressing until they eventually become Hunters. As a respected Hunter, players take the command of small groups of armed force and go on to engage in battle for the race to grab land and supplies.


4. Fallout: New Vegas – Hell on Earth

There are numerous mods for Fallout: New Vegas, and yes we love this one as well! This mod transforms the game into a survival horror filled game. It goes one step beyond simply altering the game play scenarios; it also adds a nightmare mode/version of some areas. These new alternatives are filled with creepy enemies and horrifying sound effects. While looking at it, you may even catch glimpses of the famed Pyramid Head who has been fondly re-created only for the purpose of being used in this mod.


5. Skyrim: Epic Halloween Overhaul – 2015

Skyrim begins to feel festive and yet we can feel the spooky under current prevail. With the addition of creepy features, entire new cities filled with dungeons, creative items along with newly re-furbished cemeteries, new characters, and voice acted quest make this a mod to enjoy.