The age long battle between console and mobile has been on going for a long time and here’s our look at the two.

A few years ago, video games were associated only with consoles and computers, and the number of consoles that use to hit the market, from handheld devices to high-end ones, told us that this trend would never change.

However, smartphones changed that game forever, and today, we can play the most sophisticated games on our mobile devices, and this industry is gaining so much momentum that it might even be leaving consoles behind!

So will smartphones outdo consoles in terms of market share and popularity? Or have they already managed to accomplish that?

Let’s take a look.

2015 saw mobile device games rake in a cool $30 billion and games like Candy Crush Saga showed the world just how big things could get.


The Chief Creative Head and Co-Founder of, Sebastian Knutsson, puts it all down to the low budgets required to develop mobile video games as well as the easy downloads and plays they offer.

However, we can all agree that consoles are a different ballgame, offering an immersive experience that mobile games seldom do.

As far as numbers go, Candy Crush alone clocks 15 million users, a giant figure when compared to the 200,000 odd players that a popular console game can boast of.

The popularity of consoles though, remains high. Sony PlayStation has sold 10 million units to date while Xbox has sold 5 million.

For now, the markets seem to be separated by a few thin lines.