David Hayter, the original voice of Snake, is backing this passion project.

After a setback that saw a remake of Metal Gear Solid V project being cancelled, the Shadow Moses team has come back with a vengeance, this time with David Hayter, the Solid Snake actor joining the project that will look to immortalize the game in  VR museum of sorts.

Promising the rest of the fan base an experience like never before, the Shadow Moses team – themselves a group of diehard MGS fans and with the official name of iRam Gamer – developed the project named The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid as a VR experience that would give fans “some of the most enigmatic MGS levels”.

The news comes as surprise, and as a relief, to fans who had assumed that the dream wouldn’t really make it into reality – that’s Virtual Reality of course – when on March 4th, The Fan Legacy: MGS team announced that the project was being shelved.

“The Shadow Moses Project has been cancelled for reasons beyond our control. We’d like to thank everyone for all your support!” the team had tweeted.

The ambition with which the project had begun seemed to have come up against a wall of some kind, although the developers wouldn’t give any clues.  A popular notion that began to make the rounds suggested that it was Konami that had stepped in to discourage it and put a stop to the project.

The group itself had expected a showdown or negotiations with Konami at some point, saying

“Konami owns the MGS copyright and therefore sooner or later we will need their full permission.”

However, while fans were still getting over the heartbreak, there is now this great news that not only is the project back on the rails, but David Hayter  is in on the stimulating project.  In addition to Hayter, other cast members have also been pegged to join in, so it sure looks like the project has gained plenty of fresh steam after the derailment.

The first trailer of the project got fans hooked on it, and Metal Gear Solid fans soon got desperate to know what was happening with the team’s efforts.

Now, we finally have some news again, and in this one, Hayter’s famous voice utters the equally famous words, “Kept you waiting, huh?”

Although the real deal is still a few weeks away – if things go on track and there are no shockers and hiccups along the way – the news that the project is back in motion should be enough reason to heave a sigh of relief.

For now, we don’t even know if The Fan Legacy: MGS will be for the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, but when it comes to a project like this one any good news is amazing enough!

Expect the more details to surface sometime soon and we’ll  be here to keep you posted!