These Astonishing Minecraft Creations Will Make You Say WOW!

Bringing our childhood fantasies to life, Swedish programmer and creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson, gave us a 3D universe that literally pushed the boundaries of creativity and imagination and the gaming world was never the same again. Minecraft has now made its way into the lives of children and adults alike and with collective imagination of a dedicated fan following, the possibilities are indeed limitless.

The beauty of Minecraft lies in the fact that it allows its players to experiment with an unlimited amount of virtual building blocks to create, alter, combat, explore and craft cities, maps and even new characters into the game. In here. You are God!

So here are some of the best worlds Minecraft gamers have created, putting in their imagination to the test and creating highly detailed environments that will truly blow your mind.


Atropos is a splendid and flawless ‘city-on-turtle’ creation by Carloooo. A combination of buildings, caves, trees, mushrooms, streets and smokestacks crafted onto an elaborately designed turtle, this one is ingenuity at its best.