Hail the First Pokémon Go Master

Having become arguably the most popular mobile phone game in recent memory, it was going to happen sooner rather than later: a Pokémon Go player was bound to catch ‘em all. Going by the name ftb_hodor on Reddit, this U.S. citizen has reached expert level on Pokémon Go after sensationally completing the North American Pokedéx, which involves catching every Pokémon currently available on the continent.

We aren’t sure how you’re doing, but ftb_hodor has so far caught every Pokémon possible even though he doesn’t have all the 151 Pokémon. While there have been a lot of swindles and fakes over the last little while, ftb_hodor’s story is somewhat convincing since he has caught only 142 of them and doesn’t claim to have caught Mew, which is apparently completely elusive.

Ftb_hodor, who’s a New York City-based trainer, hasn’t caught Farfetch’d, Kangashkan, Articuno, Mr. Mime, Zapdos, Ditto, Mewtwo, Moltres and of course the super elusive Mew. He would probably have to travel to Asia, Western Europe and the Oceanic territories to find these mysterious Pokémon.

Nonetheless, his list is impressively cool taking into account that he only traveled as far as New Jersey to capture his enviable collection. And no Jersey jokes please!