Ok, so what would you get if you crossed the GTA5 Stars Pokemon?  Probably this promo!

This is a brilliant mash-up from Comrade, better know as Merfish, where he says that all he loves is GTA5 and mashinima and he thought “.. wouldn’t it be cool if we used the GTA5 stars and made it look like Pokemon…”.  Well he went one step further and actually produced it. And its freakin’ hilarious!


Comrade is from St. Could Minnesota and he isn’t new to this, as he came to prominence when he did a similar stunt by mashing up the opening sequence of ‘Full House’ with the stars of GTA5 with basically the same brilliant results.

He’s also no stranger to controversy, one of his previous mash-ups caused a big sh*t storm with PBS when he looped in is love for GTA5 with the theme from Arthur…unfortunately for Comrade the video has been pulled “…due to copyright infringement…” which is a shame because from all that we’ve read, it was again a piece of brilliance.

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