And we’re not just talking about the legend of Zelda, this is a full blown gold plated system.

It’s been three decades since The Legend of Zelda has been wowing video game enthusiasts all over the world, and while Miyamoto and Nintendo still regard this as the game that redefined the gaming world for them, Analogue is set to make the most of the 30th anniversary of the legendary game.

The game hardware manufacturer has introduced a Limited Edition Nt units that is – wait for the extravagantly pricey news – plated with 24-karat gold! And when we say limited edition, we truly mean it, as there are only ten of these units up for sale.

At $4999 a unit, these sets are 10 times more expensive than the conventional gaming units sold by the company, but hey, it also comes with a gold-colored cartridge of the original 1986 version of Zelda, making it a collector’s item in every way.  And with only 10 units set to grace the gaming world, we all know how extraordinary the unit must be.

Gold NES 06

Plated in Gold, inside out, the unit has been specially hand-polished and plated in Seattle, and with a transparent base that shows off the complicated yet svelte Analogue Nt circuitry, it  looks modern and space-aged. The unit is compatible for an HDMI or a RGB upgrade and comes with a full cable set of HDMI cable.

So will gamers from around the world be able to play on this unit, or is it region-specific?

Well, Analogue promises you that if you shell out $4999 for this unit, you can sure play it anywhere you like, so whether it is racking up those scores on US NES games or shooting down the competition in Japanese Famicom games, this special edition unit can do all that and more.

The Analogue Nt series of gaming units sure set the bar when it comes to NES gaming, allowing gamers to experience the best of the NES and Famicom worlds, with 2,000 of the most historic titles in the gaming arena up for grabs. A single, solid block of 6061 aluminum encases the technology that has proven to be an ace, and with the 24-karat gold plating, this sure looks like even more of a winner.

Of course, the Zelda series has a history of its own. Designer Shigeru Miyamoto’s answer to the demand for a new game outside the NES system that was dedicated to Japan, the game was initially called Hyrule, and was developed for the Famicom Disk System. Today, after 30 years of exploring dungeons and mountains and countless battles and an endless number of enemies as well as friendships, the heroes of the game, Link and Zelda, have completed quite the journey.

And now, Analogue has dedicated one of its most memorable products to commemorate this piece of gaming history.

So if its luxury video gaming you’re looking for, it doesn’t get better than this extravagant gold-plated offering from Analogue!

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