It’s always a matter of perspective, but no matter how you slice it, every good video game needs a bad villain. Here’s our look at 5 of the top ones.

Video game heros usually get most of the credit, but this article is here to give a special shoutout to all of the villains in video games that challenged us, or made us better players during the boss fights.

  1. VaasBest Video Game Villians 03

Vaas Montenegro was the sociopathic villain of Far Cry 3, he has only been the main villain in one game, he left a very lasting impression on players of Far Cry 3. No matter your opinion on the game itself, love it or hate it Vass was one terrifying foe. Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

  1. BowserBest Video Game Villians 02

This villain has stuck with gamers ever since Super Mario Bros. over 30 years ago. Bowser is not only a villain for kidnapping the Princess, but he also torments the player by setting up decoy castles with toad inside.

  1.  Gladosglados

The creators of this self aware AI never stopped, and thought about the repercussions of having a SELF AWARE AI. At least in her case she brings clever dialogue to the table, as she talks to you on the way to the cake that never was.

  1. AlduinBest Video Game Villians 01

A dragon-god so powerful and fearsome, the only way to stop him was to displace him from time itself and let a future generation worry about him. But mainly, Alduin’s just a cool, badass giant dragon, & he’s the king of dragons, the dragon that all other dragons fear. Plus, he stops your execution, despite the fact that you’re the only one who can stop him.

  1. The JokerBest Video Game Villians 05

First of all, the Joker is primarily known as a comic book villain, but the great thing about characters from ANY form of media is that they can be reinterpreted on other kinds of media. Is Heath Ledger’s Joker not a good movie villain?  The Joker is what tied together the first two Arkham games and Mark Hamill’s brilliant vocal performance he was still the psychotic, maniacal clown that everyone knows and loves. But the fact that a fully-realized homicidal Joker was appearing in bigtime video games was a huge deal. That was really the sign that these were licensed games that weren’t unplayable garbage. Rocksteady cared about getting the Joker right. They cared about everything else too, but getting the Joker right is pretty essential for a Batman game.