The next installment shows some big promise.

Back in 2012, Dishonored was a critically acclaimed compelling video game set in sci-fi fantasy world in the dingy streets of Dunwall. With a massive following and a range of incredible options of murderous strategies, this stealth action-packed adventure was thoroughly satisfying to gamers and naturally needed a sequel. As if to give in to the pressure of fans, Bethesda has now revealed a brand new trailer for the highly-anticipated Dishonored 2 video game.

While it brings most characters back from the streets of Dunwall, most of the actions will take place in a dazzling Mediterranean-style coastal metropolis called Karnaca that’s referred to as “jewel of the South.” The sequel reveals plenty of exciting details not only about the game’s characters, but also about the mechanics.

Set 15 years after the first Dishonored game, Dishonored 2 shows that the Isle is under threat from “a ghostly usurper.” As a player, you’ll have to choose to play as either the first game’s stealthy assassin Corvo Attano or as former empress Emily Kaldwin, who has her magical arsenal of supernatural abilities, and hunt down the enemies that have taken over the beloved city.

For gamers that can’t wait to slip in through the shadows and massacre everyone in sight, this tremendously cool game will be released on November 11, 2016 and will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.