It looks like Days Gone is going to kick some ass.

Once again, Sony Bend, the studio that brought the world the Nathan “Nate” Drake character in Vita’s Uncharted: Golden Abyss has unveiled another captivating open-world action-adventure video game titled Days Gone.

Set in the stunning Pacific Northwest, Days Gone is a harsh and devastating post-apocalyptic global epidemic that tells a story of a hunter named Deacon St. John, who has to stay alive despite the fact that humanity has been wiped out. Playing as Deacon and in order to survive, you’ll have fight millions of zombie-like creatures called Freakers, who are constantly baying for your blood.

As shown in the trailer that was recently released at Sony’s E3 press conference recently, the game seems to carry with it a tremendous aftermath of apocalypse vibe with it. The scenes appear to be as gorgeous as disastrous, while Deacon’s narration puts forward a strong dilemma as to the reason why people choose to keep surviving in a cruel environment. This is depicted in the way he constantly turns down the option of living inside the “safe” camps and rather chooses the risks and dangers of being out in the open road.

At its core, Days Gone coolly depicts the things that truly make us human: brotherhood, friendship, love, regret, loss, desperation, betrayal, madness and above all, the hope to keep living.

days-gone-screen-01-axmelee-ps4-us-13jun16 days-gone-screen-02-brokenroad-ps4-us-13jun16 days-gone-screen-03-horde-ps4-us-13jun16 days-gone-screen-4-lostlake-ps4-us-13jun16 days-gone-screen-05-overlook-ps4-us-13jun16 days-gone-screen-06-planecrash-ps4-us-13jun16 days-gone-screen-08-snake-axmelee-ps4-us-13jun16