This New Dangerous Golf Trailer Looks Like Pure Havoc Fun

It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to wonder what would happen if the makers of Burnout decided to take their talents to the putting green. Their latest title, Dangerous Golf, is the obvious result.

Dangerous Golf, the latest hot mess from developer Criterion Games, focuses less on making precise strokes and more on destroying just about everything in your path in the process. In the new announcement trailers that were recently released, you can check out some of the mayhem available. The game is expected to be available for digital download June 3rd.

Dangerous Golf is kind of like the American version of Katamari Damacy. Instead of using a gigantic ball to collect everything in a room, you’re using a tiny ball to destroy just about everything you can manage. It sure looks like a romping time lining up your drives like canon fire to obliterate kitchen plates and expensive stonework.

While it’s hard to say how much sophistication will be involved in Dangerous Golf, there does appear to be some strategic gameplay here. For instance, the second trailer shows players using “glue cards” to plant their ball in different areas of the room, likely to line additional shots and plant bombs to be used for racking up points after nailing a hole in one.

Racking up damage points in the form of money may remind you of Saints Row 4, where simple tank mini-games had you race against the clock to inflict the costliest public property damages possible. It’s a simple premise for a simple game, although a promising venue for lazy summer days of casual co-op fun with friends.

Dangerous Golf should have a decent variety of levels to play, although there have only been four mentioned for this arcade-style game. Restaurant kitchens, palace, castle cellars, and a gas station look like the cropping of options to choose from, and there are probably additional areas planned for DLC. It seems like each area has its own “sweet spots” for inflicting the most damage in the least strokes, so hopefully this won’t make levels too predictable for anyone above the age of five.

Whether Dangerous Golf will have enough variety to satisfy more than just the casual gaming crowd is hard to say, though the developers are advertising over 100 different holes, which probably alludes to various challenges and strategies involved to break up the monotony of just swinging for the fences. The Party Golf mode will support up to 8 players, with both offline and online capability, and if it comes in at a decent asking price, it may be just what you need to break out the clubs and let out some steam.