Conan’s avatar’s face beaten to a pulp, accompanied by hilarious commentary. What’s not to like?

Conan O’Brien has no plans of leaving the safety of his talk show studio and getting into the UFC cage but when it’s a video game, the adventurous comedian and host is even willing to take on UFC champions!

In the latest segment of Clueless Gamer with Conan O’Brien, O’Brien has UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor playing alongside him in the gaming room and of course, UFC 2 is their game of choice.

And as if being on the cover of the game along with Ronda Rousey isn’t enough, McGregor chooses his own avatar while taking on O’Brien too and surprisingly, there’s even a Conan O’Brien avatar that’s available in this version!

Although O’Brien’s game avatar looks well-built and definitely capable of taking on McGregor (and there was the advantage of height that O’Brien had too), the outcome was similar to what would have gone down in a real fight.

McGregor drops O’Brien onto the floor of the cage in no time and mercilessly beats him up to win the first round. When they go at it again, the outcome remains the same, and the bruises on O’Brien’s face (only in the game, thankfully) say it all.

The third time the two go at each other actually has a surprise, and O’Brien goes berserk when his game avatar drop McGregor’s avatar to the floor with a smart kick to the leg! It’s the same story all over again though, and O’Brien is soon seen hugging the floor again.

Oh, and after they are done with the game, there are some real moves between the two that go down on the studio floor too.

Think Conan O’Brien made the right career choice as an entertainer: the commentary throughout, even when he’s virtually getting his butt kicked, is hysterical. His fighting skills, not so much.