Utomik is looking to change the way people play video games.

The gaming world is used to revolutionary overhauls, whether it’s in the form of brand new games, or consoles with extra oomph. This time around, it’s neither and but it’s still big news! Utomik is a streaming game service that has jumped into cloud gaming headfirst and is looking to disrupt the category.

The Silicon Valley startup has simplified everything to do with games – the downloads, the play time and the subscription mode – and the formula is seemingly simple.

They will charge a subscription fee of $10 a month, which even for broke gamers should be affordable, and lets you play an unlimited amount of games, which is gaming heaven for those who love switching from one game to another.


Utomik has a wide range of classic as well as newer titles to offer, and while its current collection is pegged at 80 great games, regular weekly additions promise to swell this number to a huge one soon enough.

The most impressive feature that Utomik is selling though, is its ability to give gamers an instant gaming experience. While the downloading process is similar to progressive downloading, Utomik puts to work its own “unique proprietary file streaming technology” that downloads only the required batches of files that a user requires to start playing a game. This enables the user to begin playing the game without any delay, and by the time the player moves on in the game, the other required files are downloaded progressively.

At $10 a month, the offer from Utomik seems like a steal and with titles like Darksiders, Overlord: Raising Hell, Titan Quest Gold, Men of War: Assault Squad, Sanctuary and more in its collection, the gaming community will be the winners in this game.