Classic Weapons Return


Yes, the BFG 9000 will make its return, along with a host of other great weapons that the original 1993 Doom made famous, including the infamous super shotgun. Players will collect weapons as they move through the game, cycling through them as they please without having to worry about weight or inventory restrictions, a concept that Doom originated yet is now absent from many shooters of the modern era.

Push Forward Combat

Another aspect of modern day shooters is a heavy emphasis on cover-based combat, perhaps trying to mirror realistic gunfights. But there’s nothing realistic about Doom, save for the creative viscera. Instead of worrying about regaining health, players will franticly pick up health packs and power ups as they play, so the pace of the game stays fast, relentless and aggressive.

Melee finishing moves

Something new to the Doom franchise, players will also have the ability to incorporate spectacular melee finishes on enemies that have been dealt enough damage. Brutal and varied, it’s a modern touch that fans will likely have nothing to complain about.

Redesigned Enemies


There will be scores of new-fangled atrocities to riddle with bullets in the new Doom. However, some classic enemies are also making a return, including Revenant, Mancubus and Cyberdemon. These enemies also will be redesigned, so while the game is harkening back to the past, everything will still have a very fresh new look.

Double-Jumping Madness


This may come as a surprise to some Doom purists, but another interesting new element to the revitalized Doom gameplay is the incorporation of a double-jump feature. Likely, there will be a few pesky first-person platforming moments to deal with in the campaign. However, the double jump could be particularly useful for getting out of tight combat instances when you’ll be swarmed and outnumbered. Also, having the ability to double-jump could make the multiplayer matches that much more interesting.

Long Campaign


Doom’s single player campaign won’t be sheepish. Clocking in at around 13 hours, it’s a nice feature to know the developers aren’t intending to cut corners with their multiplayer, given the fact so many other games like Rainbow Six Siege have tried to avoid incorporating a single player campaigns at all.

“Ultra-Nightmare” Difficulty level

Doom will also feature an “Ultra-Nightmare” Difficulty level, which will feature permadeath, so there’s plenty of high watermark for the Doom freaks to test their skills on. This was a great feature in Diabo III, so it’s nice to see id Software is stepping up their game.

New Multiplayer Modes

As for the new multiplayer modes featured in the new Doom game, several modes have been developed in coordination with Certain Affinity, an Austin-based developer associated with other multiplayer components in games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Halo 4. Most of the multiplayer gameplay in Doom will function like a traditional arena-based multiplayer, with a four-player deathmatch and arena “clan” mode.

There will also be some interesting variations, including domination, warpath, and even freeze tag. Power-ups and teleporters will be incorporated into multiplayer matches, and players will even have the ability to receive demonized power-ups from pentagrams on the map, transforming them into a demon for a period of time. Players will also have the ability design their own custom maps, using the “Doom Snapmap,” a simplified level editor which will also enable them to design their own game modes and share them with the online community. There will also be a decent inventory of nine maps available at launch, with the hope that more will be added later on.