There are instances where we start playing a game and think its pretty lame right off the bat and don’t give it any a second look.  Here’s a list of some we think you should reconsider.

Sometimes, much attention is given to the games that do not deserve to be considered perfect. Though we often talk about such games that became real hits, there are some that didn’t receive much appreciation in the beginning but surely deserve to be praised. Here are five games that were perceived to be mediocre but are actually a must try:

1. Tales from the Borderlandstales

We have a knack of writing off telltale games because we think we understand what they have to offer – consider the Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones. But with Tales from the Borderlands, the story is a new one. It follows a pair of protagonists who share their stories via flashbacks, backed with the violence and bloodshed. The story has been contrived to ensure that the players are given a chance to put their emotions in play. This makes this game one of the overlooked games of 2015.

2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flagblack

We had all gotten over being a measly crew member while the pirates got all the glory. Hence when Assassin’s Creed 4 was announced, most of us kept it at the back of our minds and slowly forgot about it. But in the 4th game of the series, we are the pirates! Yes, we can decorate, own, and upgrade our ship as well as set the course! And this aspect was enough to make it feel so new and fresh.

3. South Park: The Stick of Truthstick

Unlike the initial South Park games, this game has succeeded in capturing the essence of the hit television series. The presentation has been made such that it could easily be considered a regular episode of the South Park series, and has been penned with the same amount of delight and joviality. It could easily be pegged as the funniest game in a long while.

4. Def Jam: Fight for NYdef

No one expected a sequel to make much effort towards improving the initial games but Fight for NY managed to take things to another level, by taking the fight out to the streets, ensuring that the fighting got much less meaningless as well as throwing in more brilliant multiplayer modes. The game has grown to include Snoop Dogg as well as Sean Paul and the combination of inferno matches, demolition matches, and subway matches make for a super duper fun game!

5. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordorshadow

Targeted towards millennials, the game had a lot to live up to as we all had the trilogy. But Monolith productions managed to do just this with providing us with a brutal romp through the creepy outskirts of Mordor with such realism. Shadow of Mordor quickly became our favorite game.