This is, well…a different take on the Animal Kingdom

Less than a week ago, the Super Bowl overwhelmed us with a perfect share of animal commercials that certainly captivated the audience. Drawing their inspiration from these fascinating commercials, YouTuber, HelloDenizen has creatively come up with an adorable clip of tiny animals dressed as safari animals. While some may find this video kind of difficult to understand, it is hard to deny that the creativity involved makes it perfectly enjoyable.

The way HelloDenizen dresses these furry animals is worth the top drawer. The imagination involved in dressing the little bunnies as safari tourists on one part and as safari animals on the other is really awesome.

Using their ‘binoculars’, the animals seem to enjoy the safari landscape in their toy vehicle before watching the other tiny animals playing the part of safari animals enjoying a sumptuous meal that looks to be a zebra.

While the captions that are placed on the video follows some sort of scientific names that may be quite challenging to understand, they look hilariously structured making the video even more interesting. Take a look and enjoy the African safari adventure of these fluffy bunnies. Which part do you enjoy the most?