While Google’s epic Minion Mic Drop fail is probably still stinging over at HG, at least the team in the Netherlands looked to have pulled off a pretty good on.

Google is not only famous around the world for their popular search engine, but for also for their innovative inventions such as Artificial Intelligence and autonomous cars. So on April Fool’s Day, Google Netherlands released an ingenious self-driving bicycle that would be the answer to the Dutch cycling problem, but it turned out to be a fictitious advert all in the name of fun.

Nonetheless, the e-bike concept looks like a brilliant idea that would perfectly suit the busy streets of Amsterdam or anywhere else in the future. The self-driving is definitely an antecedent to Google’s self-driving car technology and has some incredible features that can be accessed through a personalized app. It relies on the Google Map algorithms, has an anti-theft immobilization, can pick you up and has an extremely powerful battery.

Better still imagine the bike taking your kids to various places by themselves. So in case you missed it, here it is. Maybe next time they’ll let some of the international offices have a run at the annual April’s day prank-a-thon.