Meet the New, Toddler Version of Rocky Balboa

A video of an adorable toddler named Charlie, has gone viral on the internet, and Charlie sure has the right moves to back up his newfound popularity!

In this video that’s rocking the internet –pun intended – you can see Charlie imitating the iconic Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, as he watches the actor go through some rigorous exercises all through the training montage.

The clip from Rocky II seems to have inspired little Charlie to the core, and we must say that although this young one may seem too small for the ring, his moves shouldn’t be underestimated.

The famous training montage video extracted from the film is inspiration enough to get this little fellow doing the unimaginable. Wearing a simple grey T-shirt and flaunting his diaper, this cute kid can throw punches, do real push ups, even one-handed ones, pull ups, tackle the jumping rope, and even pretend-pound on metal like a pro. This kid’s level of enthusiasm is like nothing you’ve seen before.

The kid seems to know Rocky’s every move even before the action hero does it. This only goes to show what a huge Rocky Balboa fan he already is, and with such an adorable video, he already has a huge fan following of his own.