This has to be one the Funniest Fashion Ad of the Year

Palace and Reebok have got themselves a big name endorser in Jonah Hill, who
has starred in some of the most popular movies of all time including, Wolf of Wall Street, Moneyball, 21 Jump Street and a host of others, but this intensely awkward skateboard and sneaker ad might be his best work yet.

The skit shows Hill visiting a London-based skateboard shop called the Palace, to explain how the upcoming Reebok sneakers can make life awesome.

“I’m now doing what I normally do in London- roll through the Palace store,” he clumsily says. “Palace, man- I always love that stuff,” he inventively adds.

In his character, the Hollywood star doesn’t fail to pack as much off beat humor as possible. Apart from the infomercial green screen theme, Hill’s pronunciations are absolutely uproarious. For instance, he starts off by telling us how great “Sunny London is” and he then pronounces Reebok as “Ree-boke” and even finds time to uneasily praise the shoes by going like:

“It’s like having the most astonishing sex with a rare species of white tiger on your birthday, and his.”

In short, this is arguably one of the coolest commercials ever done, probably cooler than this incredible way of selling a car.