So what do you get when you mix the longest running tv show of all time with a show that’s sweeping the world right now…Pure Brilliance!

To expertly pull off this, it required a whole lot of creatively crafted mashup, and Vulture (a website owned by New York Magazine) did it awesomely. The website brilliantly took the plot of Making a Murderer; Netflix’s hit 10-episode documentary series, and re-imagined it into the phenomenal world of The Simpsons to come up with Making a Simpsons Murderer. This note-perfect mashup is based on Homer taking the role of Steven Avery and the Springfield Police Departing acting as the Manitowoc County Sheriff Department.

Putting Americans’ obsession with Steven Avery and Netflix’s hit docu-series based on his run-ins with the law aside, his real life story is a serious issue that should not be laughed about. It is a real life situation that not any of us would wish to go through. After being arrested and wrongfully sentenced for a sexual assault crime he did not commit, Avery is exonerated after nearly two decades behind bars. Unfortunately, Avery finds himself in jail again serving life together with his nephew, Brendan Dassey, this time for allegedly murdering Teresa Halbach, not to mention that it is possible that the actual murderer is roaming freely.

In The Simpsons, Homer is wrongfully sentenced for allegedly shooting C. Montgomery Burns and spends 18 years behind bars before being exonerated. However, his return to freedom is short-lived as he is rearrested for murdering Myrna Bellamy. After summing up these scenarios with two police departments that are claimed to be nonsensically corrupt, inept and unethical, Vulture comes up with the Making a Simpsons Murderer, a short mashup that sounds legit and doubly amusing.

While many preceding Making a Murderer parodies have been below par, this particular one is way ahead of the lot. This video incredibly matches various themes from Making a Murderer with memorable pieces from The Simpsons with a high level of creativity and synchronicity, all in the name of entertaining more than 775,000 viewers it has already garnered.