Can Bob Ross’ calm demeanor influence Mario’s Jumpiness

It’s hard to refute that Bob Ross is a pop culture icon. In the Joy of Painting, he not only taught the world how to paint, but also brought 400 episodes that reminded us that we do not to make mistakes, we just encounter happy accidents. Unfortunately, Ross passed away more than two decades ago leaving memories that fans will cherish forever.

In bringing back his memories, the people at A Dumb Thing has created ‘The Joy of Mario Making’ that is a hilarious parody of the classic The Joy of Painting. The parody teaches viewers to trust their instincts, believe in themselves and accept mistakes that they do as happy accidents. The five-minute long video brings to the fore techniques that are essential in crafting perfect Super Mario levels. The level that is constructed in this clip is pure nightmare and barely gives the player any breathing room from the word go.

It’s difficult to say whether Ross would have enjoyed creating this nightmarish Super Mario, but most of us would probably enjoy it over a cup of coffee.

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