These guys have been giving us glimpses of the future for over 10 years.

Way back in 2002, The Simpsons aired its 86th episode of the popular series named “Simpsons Already Did It.” For those of us who missed it, the central plot of this episode was that The Simpsons had already done essentially anything that you could think of, so at some point, the world was just going to repeat or come up with things that had appeared in the series.

To prove this, YouTube channel Alltime10s recently highlighted top ten inventions that appeared on The Simpsons long before they were invented in the real world. We therefore, highlight a full list of these inventions, which showed that The Simpsons were right ahead of times:

  1. 3D Printed Cakes
  2. Farmville
  3. Hamburger earmuffs
  4. Baby translators
  5. Airplane restaurants
  6. Auto-correct
  7. Smartwatches
  8. Left-handed stores
  9. Sarcasm detector
  10. Blood-spraying billboards

This video shows all the inventions that may have been derived from the popular TV series. Undoubtedly, these cool inventions are a confirmation that The Simpsons is a true pop culture phenomenon that influenced the way we think about the world.