Poor Jeb, not only he is looking lost now he’s lost his own domain…how can someone trust a person to run one of the world’s superpowers, when he can’t even control his domain.

If the is one proper reason why corporations register a wide variety of domain names for their forthcoming products and services, it is to ultimately protect their intellectual property and prevent others from exploiting it. And even in presidential campaigns, candidates register various domain names related to them so as to avoid such demeaning misuse.

But for one reason or the other, poor Jeb Bush and his presidential campaign team appeared to have forgotten to register a quite obvious JebBush.com website. This unfortunate incident has since given Donald Trump another chance of literally dealing a huge blow to Jeb Bush and his campaign team with the website now redirecting visitors to DonaldJTrump.com.

The two GOP presidential opponents have been fiercely going at each other in recent months, but this latest development seems to have given the vocal Donald Trump another opportunity of literally owning Jeb Bush. While Bush’s official website is jeb2016.com, his advisors peculiarly did not see the need to register the obvious JebBush.com and may live to regret their ignorance. While it is unclear whether the website that now redirects viewers to Trump’s campaign website was hacked or hijacked, a little further dig shows that it is owned by an Australian organization called Fabulous.com.

Prior to this surprising redirect, visitors to the JebBush.com website were hit with nothing but a blank page. Later on, the website started redirecting visitors to Trump’s campaign website with the promise to “Make America Great Again.” Trump’s campaign team has, however denied any involvement in Bush’s website prank. On their part, Jeb Bush and his campaign team have not commented this latest blow, and there is no word whether there is anything they can do to rectify this embarrassing situation on their part.

If Bush continues to get to the lowest levels of every jibe and mockery from Trump and his supporters, he would be as well as done by the time the GOP chooses their flag bearer for the November presidential elections.