Girls..when you take his hoodie, you’ve gotta give it back.  Right?

Godswill Muofhe, a 21-year-old Texas student, recently put his figurative foot down, cheekily rebelling against women – not all women – only the ones who take their boyfriend’s hoodies and don’t give them back.  In a recent tweet, he launched #TakeHerHoodie, motivating men who have been the victims of hoodie thievery to turn the tables, and take their girlfriend’s hoodies.

As proof of his commitment to the cause, Muofhe tweeted photos of himself in hoodies belonging to his mom, girlfriend and sister which have since gone viral, being liked by 70,000 and retweeted over 40,000 times.


In a recent interview with Buzzfeed (link above), Muofhe said that when he saw women tweeting that it’s “hoodie season”, it brought back some painful memories

“because typically the girlfriend will take the man’s hoodie in the relationship when they’re cold and this reminded me of when a girl took my hoodie and never gave it back, so I said, It’s time to fight back.”

In the photos he posted, Muofhe is wearing hoodies he took from his mum, sister, and significant other.

Who knew there was such a widespread hoodie stealing problem?  Obviously, other men, based on the male feedback who have tweeted their solidarity:



Perhaps this whole thing is a misunderstanding.  Women might be holding on to the hoodies simply because of the romantic, or dare we say chivalrous, act of the man offering it to her to keep her warm, and keeping it or wearing it makes her feel good even after that moment has passed. Let’s call it sentimental value.  Another aspect to consider: Is it just one hoodie, or does she keep arriving without a hoodie and keep going home with yours, amassing a collection over time?

It would be interesting to know how many hoodies are lost because of break-ups between the time of offering and the possible time to reclaim said hoodie – in which case, said hoodie has probably been given away in some shape or form (ranging from gentle placement in the charity bin to thrown from the window) or perhaps has been gleefully tossed into the trash (with accompanying evil laugh…mooohhhahaha) in the moment of mental and physical cleaning post break-up.

Regardless, given the recent awareness of this hoodie plight, guys are going to be on high alert this hoodie season, really weighing the pros and cons before offering their hoodies up to their gals.  And, for the record guys, now that women are also aware of the #TakeHerHoodie movement, she’ll be looking for you to offer up.  Without hesitation.