Finally, someone’s thinking, beer on your bread.

Beer is possibly the last thing in your mind whenever you’re starting your day, well for most anyway, well, for ardent beer lovers, it’s easier than ever to validate having beer for breakfast now that they can spread it on their toasts just like you would any other butter or jam.

This is after a Scottish brewery, Innis & Gunn, launched a spreadable beer by combining its oak-aged India Pale Ale (IPA) with a Dundee marmalade preserve. The marmalade is infused with beer through a boiling process that gives it hoppy undertones, but still retains marmalade’s usual orangey color and flavour.

This unique invention (possibly the greatest since sliced bread) was initiated to celebrate and honor the brewery’s opening of its own bar and restaurant known as The Beer Kitchen in Dundee. Speaking about this product, Douglas Sharp, founder and master brewer of Innis & Gunn said:

“We’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with beer through experimentation and innovation. That’s why we’ve created this spreadable beer for adventurous foodies.”

Unfortunately for beer enthusiasts across the world, this spreadable beer is only available at The Kitchen Beer in Dundee. When made more available, it will probably prove to be big hit, especially in the US.