There is no bounds to what people will try to get Siri to answer for them and thankfully the tekkies at Apple have a sense of humor.

The sixth season of Game of Thrones will premiere on 24th April. This latest HBO installment is shrouded in secrecy so that you’ll never know anything about it until the show actually airs, unless you are President Barrack Obama or a cast member.

One of the major theories and questions on everyone’s lips is whether fan favorite, Jon Snow, is actually dead or alive. But because Siri, the iPhone’s little automated voice bot, is a big geek of Games of Thrones, so some people decided to ask her whether the departed Snow is really dead.

Instead of answering the question outright, Siri becomes totally numb and begins throwing jokes. For instance, if you ask Siri about Snow’s fate, it starts rattling off some quotes about death and even quotes the show’s co-creator, Dan Weiss, who said “Dead is dead” when asked about Jon Snow.

While we all know that Siri is a knowledge giant, a beatbox nerd and an occasional Easter egg provider , this latest one regarding Jon Snow’s fate is probably the funniest of all. We recommend you take out your iPhone and throw the question at Siri.