The gang at Sesame Street give us a look at their ‘street’ cred rap.

When Warren G and Nate Dogg dropped their hip hop hit “Regulate” in the summer of 1994, it instantly became a street anthem that inspired a ‘gangster’ regulation of the streets of California. Even with that, nobody ever envisioned that Sesame Street might also require some regulating. However, Bert and Ernie seem to have realized that there is need for a Sesame Streetwise edition of “Regulate,” which looks much tougher.

The two Muppet friends walk through their hood while hilariously lip syncing to the iconic West Coast jam. Bert drops Warren G’s bars as Ernie commandeers the role of the master of hooks, Nate Dogg, as they show the darker side of the much-loved Sesame Street. Watch how Bert and Ernie meticulously regulate their streets. They’re pretty good at it.