Robots Do Their Own “Follow Me” Series

Ever since literally setting the internet on fire, the “Follow Me” Instagram series has received a lot of parodies. However, it looks like a robot couple has stolen the limelight from the lovely couple and everybody else by starting their own version of “Follow Me” and it’s downright cool.

In the original “Follow Me” series, Russian photographer Murad Osmann is shown following his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova around the world. The series shows Zakharova taking the initiative of leading Murad by hand through spectacular views of different places around the world.

As breathtaking as the original pictures look, the robot couple made by Dan Tanenbaum takes these infectious poses to a whole new level as they pretty much do all of the same things done by Murad and Zakharova. It looks like Tanenbaum decided to create a love story between his two miniature robots that he designed from old discarded watches and he absolutely nails it.

We particularly love the robot couple walking through the supermarket, even though it seems lonely in there their presence seems to tell a story on its own. You can find more of these amazing pictures on Instagram. So who does it better?

Robot Love 1

Robot Love 2

Robot Love 3

Robot Love 4

Robot Love 5

Robot Love 6

Robot Love 7


Robot Love 9

Robot Love 10