Always wanted to see what a bulldozer rumble would look like…and now I have.

Only in China can things like this take place during an ordinary day. It’s the moment when at least four bulldozers were involved in a blockbuster street fight in a province in northern China.

In a video recorded by an eye-witness, the heavy machines are seen ramming each other in a scene out of a demolition derby, all the while passenger cars scamper away to safety. The footage shows a bulldozer flipped over with its driver running unhurt out of the colossal machinery before a friendly bulldozer comes to its rescue by trying to lift it back up.

According to police from the area, this shocking incident came about as a result of an argument between rival construction workers. The officers would, however, not disclose information regarding injuries and arrests because of the ongoing investigations.

Even so, watching this video would make you think the whole scene was stage-managed for the purpose of going viral online. However, that’s not the case. It’s an actual rumble taking place in broad daylight as men operating heavy and dangerous machinery fiercely try to settle their differences. God life is cool!