The team at PornHub is nothing if not always looking out for our well being.

There’s always an excuse for perennial gym and salad dodgers not to do some exercise, and we’re not sure it can’t actually get better than this. It’s pretty self explanatory and we probably all know that having sex is helpful for the mind and body. In other words, making love will work out more muscles on average than when you visit the gym on a daily basis.

In view of that, adult entertainment site Pornhub has created a mobile-friendly, sexier fitness approach that will make you remain fit by just doing that…..sexercising. They’ve introduced BangFit, a fitness regime that gyms around you will possibly not want you to know about. It’s an exercise program that gives you the platform to select various participants based on gender and workout using instructional videos, which in essence gamifies sex and persuades users to engage in exercise while they do the wild thing.

“Think of it as a Nintendo’s Wii Fit for sex as users can now shred in bed while enjoying some stimulating sexercise,” said Pornhub Vice President Corey Price.

All you need to do is buy a Pornhub-approved adaptable band and fasten your smartphone to your hip. The movement sensors and built-in motion in your phone will then track your sexercising activity as you “missionary press” and “squat and thrust” your way to a fitter body.

If you want a good laugh, check out this cool animated video that shows you of how BangFit works – not that any of us need help in that department…right?