The Internet’s Gone Bananas Over Pineapple Apple Song

If you ever had doubts about the future of music, you should now cast it aside because you’re about to witness a viral music sensation that probably won’t make any sense.

Titled PPAP, which is a short form of “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen”, this video is sensationally taking over the internet with more than 70 million views already.  It has become a major hit since it was posted on YouTube with animal print-clad singer doing an entertainingly simple routine dance to back it up.

It’s a creation of DJ Piko-Taro, a fictitious character played by Japanese entertainer Kazuhiko Kosaka. The 40-year-old DJ bizarrely fuses a pen, an apple and a pineapple in the lyrics to come up with a somewhat silly, but very catchy song.

It’s next to impossible to even guess the way the composer comes up with the pen-apple, pen-pineapple idea, though we’re darn sure the song has nothing to do with Apple the company.

The infectiously catchy tune will not only make you scratch your head with its mind-numbing lyrics, but will have you addicted and wanting to listen to it over and over. So if you’ve haven’t watched it, here it is.  Count yourself lucky to be able to witness viral history being made because these silly lyrics, addictive beat and hilariously simple dance is doing just that.