Whoa, Ted’s never looked so good.

Nothing like combining technology with expertise, a splash of wit and irony, and a good eye; these are key attributes possessed by the creator of the Ted face swaps, known online via Twitter and Instagram as @donghunter.   Images of Ted’s face on a variety of celebrities are posted on @donghunter’s social media accounts, along with cheeky “Tedded” or “Cruzed” versions of their names.

The artist, who chose not to reveal his name, said,

“So many people I follow have been making fun of him for awhile now and it suddenly hit me that his face is perfect for Photoshop. Easily recognizable, weird, creepy, everything you need, really.”

Given Republic Presidential hopeful Ted is currently campaigning in real life, let’s start with the face switch with Francis’ POTUS character on the Netflix series, “House of Cards”:

How about some ‘Ted Van Halen’?

The faces of ‘Ted Zeppelin’ are just a little disturbing.  But you have to keep looking.

Ok, ‘Tom Cruz’…eerily close.

‘Ted Sheeran’ looks like a relaxed type Ted, the hair does it.

Last but not least, there appeared to be votes on @donghunter’s Twitter page between calling this one ‘Ted Cage’ or ‘Nicholas Cruz’ – and ‘Ted Cage’ won.

Good luck trying to unsee these.  Or these – have a look at the DiCaprio face swaps.