Thank goodness for the internet. That’s all we can say, because of it we can now all see this brilliant guy troll people willingly. Seriously, people send pics to this guy and ask him to photoshop them… and he obliges!

Having any of your images Photoshoped to look better is a pretty unique way of challenging our bizarre social media standards. Whether you want your skin to look smoother, have the Kim Kardashian body or get an absolutely impressive six-pack, a little Photoshop enchantment can do wonders to your social media look.

With that, talented American designer, James Fridman offers the world this important Photoshop service, for free. He’s welcoming his Twitter followers to take advantage of his madd photoshopping skills for free, but as with almost all the free things, it comes with one condition; do not submit photos you don’t want to share with the rest of the internet because he might just take your request quite literally and turn it into a hilarious troll.

Just like a magic wish-granting genie, Fridman is capable of performing photo wizardry exactly, or literally as the case may be, as requested. However, he takes the real meaning of ‘careful what you ask for’ warning to a whole new level by brilliantly trolling those who dare ask him to Photoshop their bodies or locations to look different. He takes each request plainly, and does all he can to help those in need by being funny or by discouraging others not to alter their images to meet the Kardashian-esque looks.

Before you submit your request to Fridman, let these photos act as your guidance lest you find yourself among his uproarious Photoshop trolls. We all have to remember that nothing is ever free and thank goodness for that.