The sad part is that his announcement to drop out got more attention than his dropping in.

The presidential election campaigns have not been an easy adventure for Jeb Bush. While we cannot firmly say that losing was the last nail on his presidential campaign, it still came as a surprise to both his supporters and rivals when he suspended his presidential campaigns after losing it out in South Carolina.

When his slogan; “Jeb Can Fix It” started trending on Twitter after he suspended his campaigns, the humor that came in as accompaniments were enough to lessen the blow for his sympathetic supporters while giving his staunch critics a last platform to immensely roast him. He might have at times appeared whiny, but he was one hilarious stand-up guy who could easily get into the mud-slinging fray if he felt pushed to the limits.

Even though he conclusively lost the GOP presidential ticket, most of us can consider themselves winners because the internet exists. Funny memes taunting or comforting Jeb (depending on the side of the poster’s divide) flooded the internet. We could not post them all, but we compiled some that we considered the funniest. What a farewell!