Just in case you needed a refresher on your alphabet, here’s a little help.

The prospect of reciting or hearing all 26 alphabet letters through movie scenes maybe absolutely dumb and silly, but can be very entertaining if this video is anything to go by. From the onset, the idea doesn’t make sense, but it turns out to be a super clever mash-up of various movie scenes that are nicely and funnily edited by Burger Fiction.

In recent times, the cool crew from Burger Fiction has been making a name for themselves with their amazing super cuts. In their latest work, they dug around movie archives and assembled alphabet letters from approximately 85 films.

Even though there are some alterations, for instance, in editing ‘thank you’ to sound like ‘Q’, the crew did an uproariously impressive job in reciting all the alphabetical letters. They must have put tiring hours to go through the movies and piece all the letters together. It was definitely not as easy as the process of reading ABC.