Watch Barney get down with Notorious B.I.G.

Do you remember the time when you were so young and exited of watching a colossal purple dinosaur cartoon named Barney running around on television? You must have been a kid and probably brainwashed to keenly follow the weird things that Barney did on the screen. Even though you may currently think that following such a show was odd, we cannot deny that it was pretty hilarious and so captivating.

In bringing back these sweet memories, Barney and friends have recreated Notorious B.I.G’s hit, Get Money. Known for his crazy dance moves, the purple dinosaur is hyping kids with his rousing and eye-catching performance of Get Money. While some of the lyrics that Barney spits in this mash up version are unprintable, we are not sure how to feel. Nonetheless, the performance is utterly awesome.