Well, not sure Grandma would approve, but hey its the 21st Century.

Going by Woodsie’s funny and creepy character when around his family members, it may be quite easy to project that he is a full-time dad and part-time YouTuber. Going by his creepy antics, you would think that Woodsie feels that there is virtually no better way of spending time with his family than by freaking them out in a pretty hilarious and nightmarish way. Using the now famous face-swap live app, Woodsie swapped his face with that of his family members, as well as their voices to come up with a very funny clip.

In his first move, Woodsie swaps his face with that of his daughter. The images that are so creepy, but very uproarious is made funnier by their swapped voices with the daughter looking to be really enjoying herself. When Woodsie decides to swap his face with that of his wife, you can’t help yourself but laugh your eyes to tears. The way he swaps his face with that of his wife would make you think she would never look at him in the same way again.

In one particular scene in the 49-second video, Woodsie’s little toddler is made to look as if she wants to look away but cannot because she thinks that it is not a great idea, given the way Woodsie’s face looks on her. For the baby, the faces of an adult on her make her appear like she out of a nightmare movie.

From Jay-Z and Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, to President Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama, many people are using face swap live app to switch faces of celebrity spouses. While many people have been using the face swap live app to switch their faces, as well as those of celebrities, they still have a long way to go to reach Woodsie’s level of hilarity in using the app.

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