Our favourite Game of Thrones member takes on the world of plastic bottles in this hilarious spot.

Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson is arguably the strongest man on Earth and its probably not surprising given weighs 395 pounds and stands at 6’9”. However, he is often asked of how he gains his colossal strength and to answer this question, the actor recently revealed rather sheepishly that the secret to his unparalleled strength lies in a unique brand of sparkling water known as Heavy Bubbles.

In a video unveiled recently , “the Mountain” from Game of Thrones is shown bathing in and carrying the Heavy Bubbles water around in form of weights. It’s packaged in dumbbell-shaped bottles and Thor admits that they are available in a range of quantities including 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg. He even shows that drinking it is enough to make you stronger.

What most don’t realize is that this was leaked as a viral project to make people go WTF and its working as many are believing that Heavy Bubbles are an actual product. But rest easy people, the real brand behind all of this is SodaStream and you can see the follow up spot here.

Nice job Mountain, you got us!