So many to choose from…that fact, in itself, so wrong.

Sometimes you just want to be mindlessly entertained – nothing cerebral, nothing really engaging and certainly nothing that requires any horsepower on the mind front.   Well, if you’re in that mood, or you have just a bit of time to kill and don’t want to get into anything to heavy, this is for you.   Honesty alert – this curation of sorts actually came about because I was in this absolute zone this morning…nothing to do with last night’s ‘beer with a tequila back’ rotation I had going on…well, maybe.

Without further ado…the pics that I found quite you will see, they’re all over the map – restaurants, food stores, signs – because in addition to not being in a mindful state, I also had zero attention span – another bonus condition to be in when looking for this kind of entertainment, if you will…

Okay, I love a good bargain, but really??


Place I haven’t eaten, but would still probably try…though the inner adolescent would just keep laughing at the whole thing…

See above comment…

Is this for real??

Sounds dangerous…

I guess it’s a sign you can roll down your windows while driving through..


Must have a lot of people reefing on their doors..

Soooo….just pick up a couple?

I usually get quite upset when people use their hands…but it beats this alternative.. especially if you touch more than just one.

Personally, I’m not familiar with this brand….but you do get Clubcard points if you’re game to try it.  It would have to be a lot of Clubcard points.

Oooh, look what’s playing at the drive-in?


Soup is good for the soul they say…

What a difference one letter makes…

Spelling started off weak out of the gate with the ‘S’, regained strength with a capital ‘C’..and then the wheels fell off…

How good is it???


Can’t believe it’s closed….


Where did you get that tart?  Oh wait, let me guess…it tastes like…



Okay…we’re done here.  For now.