The Window’s 10 conversion takes on even more publicity.

Microsoft is really determined to get users to upgrade to its latest Windows 10. The assertively nagging operating system upgrade prompts recently claimed another high-profile victim during a live TV broadcast.

Metinka Slater, a meteorologist at KCCI 8 News in Iowa was warning viewers about an upcoming thunderstorm in southwest Iowa, but Windows 10 had its own ideas. The giant upgrade prompt appeared on the east side of the screen towards Omaha and Red Oak in what looked like the worst “storm” so far.

However, Slater was perfectly quick in handling the rather funny situation by ignoring the prompt (as we always do), but rhetorically asked;

“Microsoft suggests upgrade to Windows 10, what should I do?” Slater then sarcastically added; “Don’t you love when that pops up!”

She was exactly on point; everyone hates these nagging notifications, even though Microsoft is relentless in literally pushing them into our throats.

We’re not sure where Windows 10 upgrade storm will hit next, but this is just the beginning because it’s not easy to ignore these Microsoft prompts. So brace yourself.