Tired of dealing with dangerous potholes for months on end, Wanksy has found a way to draw city councils attention: by framing them in penis shapes. Surprise – these penis shaped craters are getting noticed – and getting repaired.

Pretty much everyone has been there, whether driving a car, walking, or cruising on a bike, and wham, you hit a giant pothole: teeth jam together, head bobs akin to whiplash and hopefully you’re not holding something hot. Your vehicle of choice feels the brunt of the impact as well – front end scrapes, tire rims bent, and turned ankles just some of the fun depending on how you fell into it. As much as potholes are a danger to encounter and avoid, it seems forever until they are patched up, often seemingly ignored by city officials.

One UK citizen decided he had enough. Self-described ‘road artist’, Wanksy, whose name is in reference to British street artist ‘Banksy, decided to take matters literally into his own hands, by drawing penis shapes around the craters to draw attention – and miraculously, some of the potholes that were graced by his art were promptly filled. Nice.

In an interview with Northern Soul UK, Wanksy, who keeps his identity anonymous, said,

“I am an artist and I was sick of hitting potholes that were ignored,”. “So I used my art to take direct action and highlight the problem. I hoped it would work. It has in some cases but not in all.”

Obviously, local councils are not amused by Wanksy’s tactics,

“They are not happy, I know that. But if there were no potholes, there would be no Wanksy. Fix the potholes, I go away, two problems solved with one solution,” said Wanksy.

When asked about his plan of action, Wanksy added,

“I try to only do holes that are really bad, dangerous or have been there a long time. Also it’s hard to paint in winter when the roads are wet. Paint won’t stick.”

Fans of Wanksy, so far around 26,000 on Facebook, also frustrated with the pothole situation, have requested he bring his talents to their neighbourhoods. Ah to be an artist in demand!

Here’s a sample of some of Wanky’s attention getting crater art.