Junkie Juice Looks Utterly Gross

Many people will sincerely admit to loving McDonald’s food, however the thought of a smoothie made from a concoction of the McDonald’s food seems really disgusting.  However, that’s exactly what one Washington man did when he decided to take juicing to another unforeseen level.

Dubbed the “Junk Juice” smoothie, the rather weird juice was blended from a bagful of French fries, nine cheeseburgers and a soda.  Going by the outcome of the blend as shown in the video that was shared by YouTuber Bad Things For Bad People, the end product of this assortment is pretty sickening.

The guy is shown drinking a full glass of a repulsively brown paste-like mixture before spitting some of the content into a garbage can. We recommend you watch this video only if you can handle consuming such a combination.