Always love someone who loves their job and has a bit of fun with it.

When the PA system in a mall or any other public places goes off, chances are you don’t even take notice of what the announcer is saying. Well, the next time you happen to be at the Target store you will not only pay attention, but will also drop everything and pay rapt attention and maybe smile a little. Here’s why.

While most announcers simply pick up the phone or microphone and blurt out the routine announcements without any special touches to it, a young employee at one of the Target stores decided to do things a little differently.

Talking into the PA system to announce the closing of the store for the day, this young man, uses different voices and even changes his accents to make the announcement, and boy, does it make for a great sound bite.

Here’s the YouTube video that has him showcasing his voice and accent skills. There are other videos on his channel too, although we strongly recommend listening to them with your eyes closed, to truly fathom how talented this guy is!