Magician makes food appear as part of a promotion for a taco company.

Remember Mary Poppins magical bag, which could apparently hold countless objects in the 1964 musical fantasy film? The brand of magical tricks, which improved the lifestyle of a dysfunctional family in the movie seem to offer inspiration to Utah-based comedian, magician and videographer, Stuart Edge.

Having previously applied his magic tricks to pull a rabbit out of a hat, Edge uses his edgy antics at a whole new level by pulling delicious taco treats out of an empty Del Taco paper bag.

In a video shot to promote Del Taco’s Buck & Under Menu, Edge posed as the restaurant’s staff and magically pulls some yummy tacos out of a seemingly bottomless Del Taco brown bag to the amazement of the waiting patrons.

Speaking about his trick, Edge said;

“The performance left people dumbfounded. I learnt that it’s not the complexity of the trick that’s entertaining, but rather its simplicity.”