Classic slip up between the Magic Mic and a Magic Mushroom will make you giggle.

Anyone who has exquisitely gone through journalism 101 will confirm that a general rule of thumb for journalists is to try as much as possible to avoid being confused, particularly by objects while live on television. With such a clear rule, you might wonder how and why this incident came to be. But as many things in life always remain unexplained, the same will perhaps also apply on an incident where a journalist mistook a giant mushroom for his microphone while interviewing a guest live on television.

While it has been confirmed that the journalist was a Turkish reporter, it is yet unclear why he had the giant mushroom in his hand while at the same time holding his microphone with the other hand. Notwithstanding, it became pretty hilarious and surprising when he mistook the giant mushroom (which was understandably shaped like a microphone) for his microphone.

From the clip that is fast going viral, the reporter starts the interview on a promising note with the giant mushroom involved for some unknown reason. However, things take a sour turn when the reporter turns from the interviewee, places his microphone aside and speaks into the mushroom.

At this point, even the guest looks totally surprised at the reporter’s appalling gaffe before pointing it out to him, only for the reporter to find it very funny.